Surrogacy simply refers to when one woman bears and births a child for another woman or couple. There can be a variety of situations as to why someone would want or require a surrogate to carry their child. Perhaps she is unable to conceive for medical reasons, perhaps it is a same-sex couple, or perhaps she simply doesn’t want to ruin her body image. Of course, there is a plethora of reasons more as to why someone would consider using a surrogate for bringing their child into the world.  

Depending on the reason, there are different types of surrogacy that are possible as well. Sometimes the surrogate can be biologically related to the child, other times not at all. As you can imagine, a process such as this brings with it it’s own legal strifes. An arrangement such as this requires thorough vetting and legal contracts to ensure the intended parents remain the intended parents, fees are covered by the proper party, and that a healthy, happy baby is born. 

At Calo Share U, I hope to cover this topic a bit more in depth, from both the position of hiring a surrogate and becoming a surrogate from a legal aspect. Hopefully, I can help provide some resources you may need on the subject. Please check out our following pages on surrogacy to learn more. 

What You Need to Know