DUI or Driving Under the Influence can refer to driving while being intoxicated with alcohol or under the inhibitions of either illegal or prescription drugs. This can also be known more specifically as DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, or OWI, Operating While Intoxicated, in some states.

A DUI charge is an often underestimated serious offense that can lead to both misdemeanor and felony charges. Not only are the charges a concern, but they also come with hefty fines and jail time that can become exponentially worse with each consecutive charge. If that’s not enough, that doesn’t even consider the effects if the person charged with a DUI happened to injure or kill others on their path of destruction. 

At Calo Share U, I hope to cover both sides of this legal topic, both from the aspect of needing DUI representation to needing to file a case against the personal at fault for the accident or wrongful death committed while a DUI took place. Read into some of our posts on this to learn more.

Illinois DUIs