Is a Divorce a Good New Year’s Resolution?

A new year is a new start. Whether we look to the year that’s passed with positivity or regret, that reflection is something we carry forward into the upcoming year. There are numerous New Year’s resolutions that people choose to make, some more serious than others. If you are unhappy in your marriage and have been for quite some time, one question you might be asking is “Is a divorce a good New Year’s resolution?” Before you attempt to answer that question, some serious reflection, discussion, and forethought should be undertaken.

Reflecting on Your Marriage

When it comes to deciding on whether to pursue a divorce or not, spend some time reflecting on your marriage. How has it changed since you were first married, and what do you think brought about those changes? If you have children together, that can complicate things and you will want to consider how the choice to stay or leave will affect them. Taking enough time to reflect on your marriage will help ensure you are not making a rash decision based on emotions alone.

Discussion with Your Spouse

Obviously, the decision to end a marriage involves both spouses. Sit down and have an honest discussion with your spouse about how they feel. Do they feel the same way and are unsure, or are they adamant one way or the other? Discussing the decision with your spouse is a crucial step in the process, and keeping each other in the loop will help take steps toward a positive reconciliation or amicable parting, whichever the case may be.

The Power of Forethought

Forethought is a powerful thing. It prevents rashness and presents the full range of consequences to choices being considered and made. Putting some forethought into the decision of whether to divorce from your partner is a serious process, one that should not be rushed. Be sure that your feelings are your own and that you are not being influenced by your partner or those around you putting their expectations on you. Thinking ahead to what your life could look like with either path you take is a positive means to the end of envisioning your future, what you want for yourself, and the person you most want to be.

If you have gone through these steps and decided that you would like to proceed with a divorce, at some point, you will need legal assistance, regardless of how amicable your divorce may be. If you are in the San Bernardino area, contacting a San Bernardino divorce attorney should be one of the first steps you take to ensure you are adequately going through the steps of the process.